Week 17 of Pregnancy: Your baby is growing rapidly and is now about the size of a radish, weighing about 150g and about 12cm from head to toe. Now, some fat accumulates in the baby’s body, before giving birth, the baby’s body fat will continue to increase to 2/3 of its weight, which is important to keep the baby warm. Your baby’s heart beats 140-150 times per minute, almost twice as much as you! This means that your baby is getting strong and requires a lot of nutrition and oxygen, and your placenta is growing rapidly to meet your baby’s needs.

Changes in your body and life – Week 17 of Pregnancy

Your breast continues to grow and may be uncomfortable as hormones cause more blood to flow into the breast, preparing for breast milk, which makes the veins more visible and breast size increases. Buy a comfortable new bra to provide proper support for your breasts.

You may also notice that your appetite is getting better, your nausea may have disappeared in the middle of pregnancy. Now you can enjoy food, provide baby’s essential nutrients, but stay away from high sugar, and fatty foods that. Although tempting, you need to stay healthy and give your baby enough nutrients and vitamins. Many people say you’re eating food for two, but don’t take it seriously as you might gain weight faster than you expected. Please plan your diet, choose more fruits and vegetables, remember that extra calories per day is 300 calories.

What should I be aware of? – Week 17 of Pregnancy

You may care about your increased temperature and sweat, which is nothing to worry about, but it may be very uncomfortable. Try wearing loose clothes, shower with cold water, or use a personal fan to cool down. When your blood volume increases and your flow rate is faster, it can make your skin flush and warm, so be sure to keep it cool and dry. When your body is hot, your baby will also feel the heat, causing adverse effects, excessive sweating can also lead to dehydration, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Periodic maternity inspection

Do you sometimes feel dizzy and worry about it? Please calm down, this is not a dangerous phenomenon, in fact, this is a very common symptom that appears almost always at the time of pregnancy. When feeling dizzy, tilt to the left, lift your legs up as much as possible, or sit down, bury your head between your knees, then take a deep breath and loosen any tight clothing. Once you feel better, go to eat and tell your doctor about dizziness during your next maternity inspection. Although the odds are rare, if you fainted, go to a doctor immediately.

What checks should I do? – Week 17 of Pregnancy

If you haven’t seen a doctor this month, you should schedule a maternity check this week. At the time of your visit, your doctor may perform the following examinations:

  • Weight and blood pressure
  • Check blood sugar and protein in urine
  • Check fetal heart rate
  • Examination of the size of the uterus by external palpation
  • Measure the height of the bottom of the uterus
  • Check your hands and feet for swelling or varicose veins
  • If you have any symptoms that may be abnormal or troubling, please inform your doctor and prepare a list of issues before you visit a doctor.

Health information during pregnancy

Here are what you should know about health and safety:


X-ray during pregnancy is usually safe, however, the degree of safety depends on the type of X-ray you need to perform, as well as the amount of radiation. Most X-ray tests prove not to cause serious harm to the fetus, however, you should be aware that excessive and high intensity radiation exposure increases the risk of harmful effects on your baby, including impaired mental development , birth defects, or childhood leukemia.

No sport.

You may be worried about the lack of exercise, although it is recommended for pregnant women, sometimes you may not do it. This could be due toyour doctor’s advice that you should rest in the bed and restrict your physical activity to keep you and your baby safe.  There may be a risk of miscarriage or premature birth, cervical incapacity, bleeding, or diagnosed with pre-placenta or preeclampsia. Please discuss with your doctor and find ways to stay healthy.

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