Week 23 of Pregnancy: At this time, the size of the baby is like a large mango, weighs 453g and 28cm long. Despite the fact that fat has begun to accumulate in the baby’s body, its skin is still sagging and still has the appearance of wrinkles. The daily movement of your baby in the belly, including the muscles of your fingers, toes, arms and legs, will make you feel stronger in your belly.

So far, babies weigh more than 453 grams. In the event of premature birth this week, babies can survive through professional medical care, but may have mild to severe disabilities. With research and knowledge in the field of fetal medicine, the number of premature babies has decreased year by year.

Changes in your body and life – Week 23 of Pregnancy

The closer it is to the expected date, the harder it is to fall asleep. Anxiety, frequent urine, heartburn, leg pain and uncomfortable sensations are the causes of sleep interruptions in pregnant women at night. However, your baby’s health depends on whether you have enough rest, so you can try having a hot bath, listening to soothing music, relaxing by reading a book or have a herbal tea so you can sleep easily.

Many physicians advise pregnant women to sleep sideways instead of supine or lying down so that the blood flow to the placenta is not restricted. If you’re uncomfortable, try putting a pillow between your knees to relieve weight stress on your side.

What should I be aware of? – Week 23 of Pregnancy

At night, your legs may feel cramps and thus waking you up. Usually in the 6 months of pregnancy, pain in the calf at night is common, and no one can determine why this leg cramps is present.

Whatever the cause, you can use the following methods to help prevent and mitigate:

  • When cramping occurs, be sure to straighten your legs and slowly bend your ankles and toes towards your nose. This can quickly relieve the pain.
  • Elastic movement can also prevent spasm attacks.
  • Always lift your feet or bend your legs to reduce the burden on your feet.
  • Wear maternity socks to support stress during the day.
  • Try to stand on the cold ground, sometimes this prevents cramps.
  • Can be massaging or hot compress to relieve pain.
  • Please drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Periodic maternity inspection

Early signs of Preeclampsia, including sudden weight gain, may be due to eating and drinking, swollen hands and face, unexplained headache, stomach pain and esophagus pain may also be felt. Itching of the body, and/or visual impairment, etc., can also be caused by factors. If you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately. Without these symptoms and frequent health checks, there’s no need to worry.

What checks should I do?

Until now, going to a doctor has become a good habit. The following examinations will be performed by your physician, which may vary depending on your specific needs and method of examination:

  • Measurement of weight and blood pressure
  • Check for glucose and protein in urine
  • Check fetal heart rate
  • Measure the size of the uterus through external palpation (from external sensation) to understand how it relates to the expected date of delivery
  • Measure the height of the bottom position (top of the uterus)
  • Check for swollen hands and legs and varicose veins
  • Have had and abnormal symptoms
  • List questions or issues you want to discuss with your doctor

Health information during pregnancy

Procested meat such as bacon, sausage, and ham, may have bacteria and harmful microorganisms that can only be killed at high temperatures, so if you want to eat these foods during pregnancy, it is wise to cook them thoroughly.

During pregnancy, you are more likely to get sick because the immune system is not as strong as usual. In addition, microorganisms can pass through the placenta barrier to attack babies, when their immune system is immature to fight them.

If you feel pain while tightening your thumb, index finger, middle finger, and finger, you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Although this pain can occur at any time during the day, it can be even more painful at night. The problem can be exacerbated by pressing your body to your hands while sleeping, so try to put your head on the pillow alone before going to bed.

When numbness occurs, you can reduce numbness by holding your hands gently. If this does not work, and numb hands can cause insomnia, discuss with your doctor. Wearing wristbands and acupuncture can relieve your pain.

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