Week 26 of Pregnancy: Your baby is now like a green onion, 39cm in length from head to toe and weighs about 750g. Although the eyes of the baby have been closed for the last few months, they will soon open and begin to blink. Depending on race, some babies are born with black or brown eyes and may change color within 1 year of age, eyelashes and hair continue to grow.

Changes in your body and life – Week 26 of Pregnancy

The uterus is a safe haven for babies before birth. But after birth, the baby moves to a new home. Now, take a moment to make your home safer before your baby appears. There are a number of measures you can take to keep your child safe, such as covering electrical outlets, eliminating hazardous items that may suffocate, installing smoke alarms and staircase blocking doors, try to take any precautions you can think of measures. Also keep in mind that no precaution is comparable to careful supervision of the child.

What should I be aware of? – Week 26 of Pregnancy

You can feel unstable, clumsy, and in the advanced stage of pregnancy there are many reasons why you can fall. On the one hand, your belly gets bigger, which shifts your center of gravity and leaning forward. In addition, your joints become unstable and your feeling of fatigue can cause you to be too dummy and careless. These will keep you out of sight and fall easily.

Periodic maternity inspection

Stretch marks and swelling will appear more often, which can be very uncomfortable. But you should try to be optimistic, as there are only 3 months left to give birth. Pregnant tumors appear mostly on stretch marks in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. Doctors prescribe topical and antihistamines, or inject drugs to relieve your discomfort.

What checks should I do?

Several of the tests this month are new. In the late trimester, your doctor may give you some variable tests, depending on your requirements and your doctor’s practice. These include:

  • Measurement of weight and blood pressure
  • Check for glucose and protein in urine
  • Check fetal heart rate
  • Measure the size of the uterus through external palpation (from external sensation) to understand how it relates to the expected date of delivery
  • Measure the height of the bottom position (top of the uterus)
  • Check for varicose veins and swollen hands and feet
  • Blood glucose test
  • Anemia blood test
  • Diphtheria vaccination
    Have had and abnormal symptoms
  • List questions or issues you want to discuss with your doctor

Health information during pregnancy


Your belly is not the only organ that gets bigger during pregnancy, and your ankles and feet are swollen, especially at the end of the day. These edema are harmless, but it can make you feel uncomfortable, for example wearing shoes may become more difficult, rings may become tighter, and it is difficult to take off your finger. Slight swelling of the ankles, feet and hands is normal, because fluid must be increased during pregnancy.

In fact, 75% of women, at some point during pregnancy, has edema, usually around the 26th week. When the weather is warming or sitting and standing for too long, edema gets worse. In fact, after lying all night or several hours, edema may decrease.


Some women with full personality may want to get a tattoo, but this is not the right time. You should consider the following carefully:

Hepatitis B and HIV or AIDS, both of which are transmitted through body fluids, may be spread by dirty tattoo needles . If you’re pregnant, these diseases will spread to your baby

Scientists can not yet know how dyes and tattoos can affect the baby. But keep in mind that small amounts of chemicals can be harmless for adults, but can have a huge impact on the fetus.
If you have a tattoo on your back, most doctors use the epidural painless childbirth method (Dura), but if the tattoo is new, this may not be necessary. There is no clear evidence to support or oppose the use of epidural painless childbirth method, if you have a tattoo on your back and intend to use this method, please consult the local hospital’s policy.
Your skin also extends during pregnancy, and the pattern of the tattoo may change after baby is born.

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