Week 30 of Pregnancy:  Baby is now about the size of a small watermelon, weighing about 1.3 kg, length about 40 cm from head to toe, fat layer continues to grow and weigh, this fat will make baby look less wrinkly and help them to keep warm after birth. At this point, your baby begins to breathe by repeatedly using the diaphragm to simulate breathing movements, and sometimes burp to make you feel rhythmic convulsions in the womb.

Changes in your body and life – Week 30 of Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your hair will grow more, however, after a few months of delivery, your hair will fall faster and look thinner.

You may feel a little tired lately, especially if your sleep is less smooth, and you may feel clumsier than before, as the focus of your body has changed. You will get heavier, abdominal weight, also causes a change in the center of gravity.

In addition, your ligaments are more relaxed due to hormonal changes, so the joints are more loose, which can also make your balance a little deviation. In addition, this ligament slack can cause your feet to grow permanently, so you may have to invest in new shoes to move more comfortably.

What should I be aware of? – Week 30 of Pregnancy

Fluctuation of emotions is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Symptoms of physical discomfort, combined with hormonal changes, can be the cause of your emotional ups and downs.

Periodic maternity inspection

During these days, you may feel difficult to breathe, because the uterus becomes bigger and pressed on other organs such as the lungs, leaving plenty of room for your baby. If you feel breathless often, you should contact your doctor immediately.

What checks should I do?

During the next month, you may need to meet with your doctor regularly, first once 2 weeks and then once a week until delivery. This month’s checkup will measure blood pressure and weight, you may be asked if there are any signs and symptoms, and your doctor may ask you to describe your baby’s activity status and schedule, e.g. when your baby exercises and when it doesn’t show any movement, the size of the uterus will be checked as usual.

Health information during pregnancy

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing can make you feel uncomfortable, but will not cause harm to your baby. Baby will have enough oxygen until birth.

Do not use any sleeping pills without consulting a doctor. No sleeping pills are safe for pregnant women. Your doctor will tell you about the effects of the drug and give you advice on how to avoid insomnia in pregnancy.

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