Week 38 of Pregnancy: Baby is over 45cm in length and weighs about 3.2kg. Although the growth is slower, fat continues to accumulate in your baby. You may also notice that your weight has ceased to gain, or has slowed the increase.

As the baby already has muscle to suck and swallow amniotic water, excreta has begun to accumulate in the baby’s gut. Cells that fall out of the intestine, dead skin cells and fetal hair are part of fecal manure, which is green and black.

Changes in your body and life – Week 38 of Pregnancy 

Because your baby is squeezed in your pelvis, the bladder is extremely oppressed and frequent urination is very severe.

What should I be aware of – Week 38 of Pregnancy

If you have a baby boy, you and your partner have to decide whether to circumcise your baby. Circumcision is a surgical procedure for the removal of the male penis. For some parents, the decision to circumcision is accompanied by religious significance. For others, making this decisions is not easy. Discuss with your doctor if you’re not sure about what to do.

Periodic maternity inspection

If there is no delivery after the expected date, prenatal care will continue, and your doctor or midwife will keep an eye on your health and check your cervix for thinning and dilated birth signs. If one week has passed, your doctor or midwife may use an electronic fetal monitor to track your baby’s heartbeat, or use ultrasound to observe your baby’s movement and detect the amount of amniotic water.

As the prenatal check-up approaches the expected date of delivery, the doctor may periodically check the pelvis to determine the baby’s fetal position. These tests help the doctor to understand the baby’s fetal position: head under, leg under, or ass out first?

Most babies have reached the top position at the end of pregnancy, where the baby is close to the mother’s pelvis. The doctor examines the pelvis and a cervical examination to determine whether the cervix has begun to expand, soften or thinten. The data will also reveal some information during the examination.

Health information during pregnancy


If you take drugs with an alcohol component, don’t worry, small amounts of alcohol do not cause any of the serious problems mentioned above.


Drugs with Aspirin and other alcohol components, usually contain ingredients that are not recommended for pregnant women, should consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking drugs.

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