Sports damage 100 kinds, no matter which will cause considerable trouble, take big friends and children love basketball for example, finger bruises are probably the most common basketball injury top 3. Therefore, this article will take you to learn about bone bruises and how to protect your fingers after a bone bruise and return to normal as soon as possible.

What is a Bone bruise

The reason why playing basketball is particularly prone to finger bruise is because when passing the ball, it may be because the ball is too fast or insufficient attention, causing the finger tip directly hits the spherical surface, causing finger contusions.

If you look at the inside of your finger, you may see that the ligaments that wrap the joint may tear, causing blood and tissue fluid to flow out of the ligament, leaving the whole finger in a purple black color.

Fingers don’t actually have muscles

Some people may misunderstand that eating radish is caused by muscle injury in the fingers, but there is no muscle in the fingers, then the question arises. Stretch and bend? This is thanks to the tendon that connects the finger to the forearm muscles. The tendon is a bridge between the muscles and bones. Through it, the finger bones can be successfully driven by the muscles of the forearm.

Don’t do that

After Bone bruise, symptoms such as swelling and purple may be accompanied by pain. Generally speaking, we know not to touch the injured area, but it may be a bruise. , some people think that rubbing the area of the finger bruise may be able to push the bleeding away and return the finger to normal. But think about it, this behavior device only delays the recovery of Bone bruise, because in the case of a ligament injury, rubbing will only make the wound bigger. Not only can the pain be reduced, nor can it stop the outflow of blood and tissue fluids.

Four treatments for bone bruise

With proper and proper care, most of the radish can self-swelling. However, if the contusions are too severe, the fracture of the finger may occur. Depending on the degree of injury, the treatment can be divided into The following 4 types:


the vast majority of sports injuries occur, immediately ice is almost everyone should have common sense, eating radish is no exception, according to RICE sports injury treatment process Gaber. Dr. Gabe Mirkin suggested that the ice should be applied within 6 hours after injury, and after 10 minutes, take a break of 20 minutes for 1 to 2 times. After a long period of time or after the affected area has been removed from the acute phase, it may slow the healing of the wound.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics containing Ibuprofen can be purchased to relieve pain and discomfort.
Fixation of affected area: If deformation of your finger is found, it is recommended to consult directly. Your doctor may use X-ray to diagnose fractures. If necessary, the doctor may need to fix the finger with a splint or tie the affected area to the adjacent finger to avoid further harm.


The severity of eating radish can also be seen from the movement of the injured finger. If you still have a certain degree of stretching or bending, it is usually not too severe; but if the ligament or tendon is completely broken, or In the case of bone fracture, the fingers may become completely incapable of movement and difficult to heal themselves, and surgical treatment may be required.