Why Women do not want to have children  – In the past, most women wanted to find a good place to raise children with their husband until they grow up. As the times change, more and more women who want to get married or are already married are reluctant to have children. Many people may think that having children is necessary for life to be full, and the elders may even exert pressure. However, these women must have certain considerations as to why they decide not to become pregnant and have children. Here are five possibilities to better understand why women don’t want to have children.

I don’t believe I can be a good mother.

Although it seems selfish not to have a child, it may be impossible for some to take care of it after giving birth. Such an idea makes many women think that they are not yet ready not to have a child. A responsible parent should put the child first and give them the best of everything, and when the woman thinks she can’t do it, then she would not think about pregnancy.

Not all women have maternal instincts.

Many women dream of a sweet family, the picture is surrounded by cute children, and aloving husband. The traditional concept of women and motherhood is equated, but in real life, some women may never feel that she needs a child, and even feel anxious when she comes in contact with a child, because they simply can’t stand children and think of them as a disruption in their lives.

Social issues and economic factors

Sometimes it’s not just about themselves and their other half. In this world, the factors that affect women’s reluctance to give birth include social inequality, overpopulation, bullying, or economic burden. Many women don’t want their next generation to face today’s problems, for example, if women live in a climate of war or serious gender inequality, they don’t want to bring their children to a troubled world.

Worries about passing on health issues to the next generation

Many modern women have to face a variety of health problems, especially mental illness. They fear that their children are likely to face the same conditions and do not want them to suffer from same suffering.

Incapable of natural conception and expensive by artificial means

Women who are unable to conceive naturally have different views on having a child. Because of the high cost of treating infertility, you must understand your condition before you know whether you want to use insemination or in vitron fertilization. In addition to the probability and cost, it is also not a guaranteed success, so some women simply give up.

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