Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women, with one in eight women having breast cancer. But learning more about breast cancer can protect yourself from cancer, especially at a younger age. If you happen to be a young woman who knows nothing about breast cancer, here are 5 things you must know about breast cancer.

Understand what Breast Cancer is

The cells in the breast sometimes turn into abnormal tumor cells, that is, breast cancer cells. Breast cancer cells may invade neighboring tissues and spread to other organs.

Causes of Breast Cancer

There are no consistent answers to the causes of breast cancer, but the risks currently considered include age, genes, personal or family history, and diet.

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These are the symptoms of breast cancer.

Signs of breast cancer requiring vigilance are:

Swelling of the chest
Skin irritation
Pain in the chest or nipple
Nipple sag
Abnormal nipple or chest skin (redness, orange peel, thickening)
Present secretions from nipples
Small lumps in the chest

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

If you find these symptoms in your chest, you should consult a doctor immediately and undergo a full examination. The physician will first investigate the family and personal history, followed by a physical examination of the breast. In addition, doctors will also use mammography, ultrasound and MRI to determine whether cancer is affected. In some cases, doctors may also request a sliced examination of breast tissue for specialist sampling and to understand the type and severity of breast cancer.

Common types of breast cancer

The types of breast cancer are generally the following:

Invasive/infiltrating ductal carcinoma IDC:occurs in the breast tube and invades adipose tissue.
Ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS:Breast cancer cells are present only in the breast tube, but not treated may spread elsewhere.
Infiltrating/invasive lobular carcinoma ILC:It occurs in small leaves of milk and has spread elsewhere.
Lobular carcinoma in situ LCIS:Breast cancer cells exist only in the lobes. It cannot be determined to be breast cancer, but only as a precursor to breast cancer.

In addition to the above, there are other types of breast cancer, but it is rare that doctors will give the most appropriate treatment based on the type and severity of breast cancer. Early treatment is key to overcoming breast cancer, so early detection of symptoms is important. Young women may not think they need to pay attention to their health, but they may be able to keep their lives better by observing their physical condition and changes.

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